ICC is a designer/manufacturer of all kinds of tungsten carbide parts.

Besides machine manufacturers, we supply customized parts also directly to end customers, which allows them to achieve considerable savings. We have built over 25 years of experience in tungsten carbide (widia). We complement our service offering with a regrinding service.

ICC stands for Industrial Carbide Cappuyns. As a metallurgy engineer, ICC manager and founder Peter Cappuyns has built up over 26 years of experience in tungsten carbides. Before setting up ICC in 1998, he worked for Krupp Widia and Widia Valenite for many years. Krupp Widia was known for inventing and developing tungsten carbide. Widia is now used worldwide as a generic term for tungsten carbide.

Our many years of experience in tungsten carbide provide us with a significant edge. For instance, there are more than thirty different types of tungsten carbide, each with its specific properties. We can improve the performance of the part even further by selecting the correct carbide grade for a particular application.

Worldwide deliveries

We deliver our products worldwide, as our customers can be found on all continents.

Some spearhead sectors

As a tungsten carbide manufacturer, we can produce every possible wear part to order. We also specialise in some very specific sectors. First of all, we supply the transformer industry with custom-made carbide knives. The supply of granulator rotor and statorknives and cuttingrotors to manufacturers of plastic pellets is our second spearhead sector.

For a view of our carbide-grades, please download here.