Carbide granulator rotor- and statorknives and cutting rotors for plastics production

ICC supplies customized carbide (widia) granulator rotor- and statorknives to producers of plastic pellets. The cutting edges of these granulator cutting tools are wholly made in tungsten carbide (widia). The stator knives, also called bed knives, are made in solid carbide. Every part we manufacture is 100% custom-made, entirely in accordance with the submitted technical specifications. On the strength of our in-depth knowledge of carbide (widia), we select the suitable carbide grade for each application. In addition, by purchasing your parts directly from the carbide manufacturer, you achieve significant savings. The cutting rotors are made with brased carbide tips or clamped carbide knives. We also produce cutting rotors in steel and ASP. We deliver worldwide for oem and end-users. We repair ( replacing knives ) and regrind with certificate.

Why carbide granulator rotor and stator knives?

As an innovative type of material, carbide – also known as ‘widia’, ‘tungsten carbide’ or ‘wolfram carbide’ – is characterised by its extremely high hardness; it is almost as hard as diamond. This makes the material particularly suitable for operations which lead to the rapid wear of the industrial tools.

Tungsten Carbide (widia), because of its high level of hardness, significantly extends the service life of the equipment. This in turn reduces production downtime and maintenance costs.

Plastic manufacturers use machines combining rotorknives or cutting rotors and a stator knife to granulate plastic strands into small plastic pellets.

The return on the investment in carbide parts is remarkably swift. For one thing, you can be assured that the output from your machines will be much higher.

Each carbide granulator rotor knife and stator knife is custom-made

We make every granulator knife and cutting rotor entirely to order.

As a result, we offer plastics manufacturers a solution for any equipment they may have, regardless of type or brand. We make the rotor and stator knives to the supplied specifications.

Why entrust your granulator carbide rotor and stator knives to ICC?

First of all, you buy directly from the designer/manufacturer of these carbide parts. Not having to deal with intermediaries allows you to get unbeatable value for money.

There are more than thirty different types of tungsten carbide. On the strength of our long-standing expertise in this innovative type of material, we determine the suitable carbide grade, depending on the type of wear.
The cutting rotors are made with carbide, steel or ASP. We also offer you the service of repair and regrinding.
We always aim to forge a long-term relationship with our customers to ensure we can further optimize the carbide grade.

Regrinding/repair service also available

Read all about our service here.