Customized carbide wear parts

Tungsten Carbide (widia) offers unique opportunities for the replacement of parts prone to wear. The capabilities of tungsten carbide (widia) are virtually endless. ICC makes every possible component in tungsten carbide entirely in accordance with the supplied specifications. On the strength of our in-depth expertise, we select the suitable carbide grade for each situation. Buy directly from the carbide (widia) manufacturer and enjoy significant savings.

Why choose a wear part in tungsten carbide?

The potential applications for tungsten carbide are endless. Tungsten carbide (also called widia) is an extremely hard material, almost as hard as diamond. This makes tungsten carbide much less susceptible to wear than the conventional steels used to make industrial components.

Tungsten carbide parts offer a better alternative in the case of industrial parts subject to wear. These include knives and blades, moulds, punches, guides, etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to explore the option of using a tungsten carbide alternative to replace a specific component. We supply 100% customized parts made to the supplied specifications. In the process, we recommend the appropriate tungsten carbide grade for each application.

Our objectives? Maximize the service life of your tools which in turn will minimize downtime. As a result, you will save on maintenance costs and increase the return on your machines.

Which parts have we already made in carbide?

We’ve listed below some of the components prone to wear that we make to order in tungsten carbide (widia). This list is meant to give you an indication of our capabilities and is certainly not exhaustive:

  • Roller rings
  • Plain bearings in pumps
  • Mechanical seals
  • Moulds: deep-drawing moulds, cutting dies, punches, dies, etc.
  • Homogenisation plungers and homogenisation valves
  • Wire guides
  • Rod mills
  • Threaded inserts
  • Scrapers
  • Atomizer blocks
  • Cores for brickworks
  • Mill crusher pins
  • Mill crusher hammers (glass recycling)

Regrinding service also available

Read all about our regrinding service here.

Thinking of ordering a customized tungsten carbide wear part?

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