Wear-resistant parts in carbide

Choose carbide, also known as ‘widia’

Increase the service life
Improve production quality
Minimize production stops
Reduce the maintenance costs

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Why ICC?

Buy directly from the designer/manufacturer of tungsten carbide tools and enjoy unparalleled value for money.

Close to 30 years of experience in carbide. We are among the pioneers who use carbide for wear parts.

On the strength of our in-depth expertise, we select the most efficient carbide grade for your wear part.

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Advantages of carbide

Carbide – also known as 'widia', 'tungsten carbide' or 'wolfram carbide' – is almost as hard as diamond.

This innovative type of material is ideally suited as a wear part for demanding manufacturing processes.

As a wear part – e.g. knives, punches, guides, etc. – carbide lasts many times longer than any tool steel.

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Our Expertise

Cutting and punching of transformer ( silicon) steel.

Industrial carbide knives / blades
Also punches and dies in widia
Less burr formation
Improved product quality
100% customized
For all machine types and brands


Granulation of plastics

Granulator stator (bed knives) and cutting rotors
100% customized
For all machine types and brands